Sunday, February 19, 2012

inworld sales

Every so often you see people talking about how the Marketplace has led to a pretty large decline of inworld sales. Thus causing traffic numbers to drop drastically at the malls and sales regions. Which leads to businesses pulling up their stores since they aren't cost effective anymore. That of course leads to even less traffic and more empty sims and so on.

I'm wondering if there is way to reverse a little bit of that. Of course this would require the cooperation of a few creators and business owners to work. But here is my idea.

See if some creators would be willing to make a small line that is only available inworld, no marketplace listings for them. Get them all together in one smaller sized mall or around a club or some such. Then actually advertise what is going on. Make sure people know about the 'inworld only' store. Get some bloggers to push it, maybe have a dance party at the location with a couple of the more popular DJ's, talk about it on the forums, things like that.

This is just a musing of course. Just thinking out loud about if it would actually work a little bit. Ah well, maybe if I ever get time to get inworld as much as I used to I could get a few folks to try it out.

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