Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reviews of Monkey Wonders Voodoo products.

Okay so Monkey Wonder likes to act like he is oh so great with his attempted blackmailing and all of that. Truth is his products aren't nearly as popular as he suggests, nor are all of his customers happy with them. Here are some various reviews on his Voodoo products off of the marketplace.

Yes the Voodoo works as it says it does but they don't tell you to be careful with your sim wording. I had 'student highschool' in the land description and I was banned. The funny part was, the sploder was running on the land for three weeks prior to the ban and we also had one of the Voodoo Support members attend the sim, assist with the land description wording and stayed an hour enjoying the sim. Now they have an issue with the wording???? Ridiculous!!

The item works as advertised but their full disclosure of the terms left alot to be desired. It worked the first day I placed it on my land. Then it stopped working. My manager and I ran around for 1/2 a day trying to figure out the problem. We finally were able to contact someone at support who was very ignorant and angry with us. Apparently you cannot have the word 'young' in the title or description of your land. I was banned from group without explanation or warning and my Sploder was removed from the server. Be careful of the words you use that may be offensive, because the creator of this item has rules of his own apart from those set by LL and their TOS. Who would have thought that 'young' would be an issue. I asked to be reinstated on the server as I have complied, and still nothing two days later. I ended up purchasing another type of Xploder, which is much more user friendly. I do agree that we need to be diligent in our pursuit of socially acceptable terminology and behaviour, but their self created terms should be clearly stated on their advertisement of the product before they arbitrarily take your money and slap your hand later. An IM to fix the issue could have and would have been sufficient. If I could have entered a rating of 0, I would have.

Yep, 1000L$ in total down the drain.
Bought the item here on the marketplace, didn't work, thought I bought a scam-item so I looked for the in-world store.
Notecard and landmark that came with this item here are bogus, leading to an empty parcel for sale by someone else.
Spent about 10 to 15 minutes asking around and searching before finding the actual in-world store.
Tried the update-board there, it said I didn't own one of their sploders... so I figured I had been scammed here on the marketplace.
Then I figured, I want a working Voodoo sploder, I've seen them work, so I've bought one in the in-world store for 500L$ - and... blammo, didn't work.
Went to the update-board again, again to be told that I didn't own one of their sploders.
Joined the group thinking I'd get support there, but decided to check their notices first.
And there was one, in Spanish, which I had to run through a lousy online translator to find out that it said "sorry, the sploder isn't working, others outside SL are working on it".
That notice was dated two weeks ago.
Here's an idea, for the creators/sellers:
When you know your item is broken... STOP SELLING IT UNTIL IT'S FIXED!
Or at least put a message out in front of your store and here on marketplace and on the sploder website that the item currently isn't working, not just in your group.
Many people buy without joining groups.
I'm down 1000L$ now, which I bought using real money, for something which isn't working.
That's 1000L$ which I bought with real money.
I wanted a good sploder to draw in people which would possibly generate income in L$ so I could pay the rent for my land and maybe have a few L$ pocketmoney, instead I'll now have to find a way to cut my losses without losing my land because I won't be able to buy more L$ in time... thanks a lot Voodoo, I hope you are actually refunding people who buy a broken product from you.

For all the trouble they cause, 1L$ would be too much. I wasted 500L$ on this piece of #(*@&!!

Wel i bought this system some weeks ago and you get no support at all,This creator just ignoring all your im´s and notecards.
I would say buyers better go look for another system this aint workin.

So yeah some wonderful customer service there. So remember to look up products before you buy them and hopefully you found this post by doing just that.

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