Friday, April 20, 2012

Monkey Wonder using an alt

Well had a friend do a bit of a test for me. They joined the GreenZone group after Monkey Wonder put up the membership list on his site. Then she hid the group on her profile and basically didn't do anything else. Sure enough today her name shows up listed on his site. So this means that Monkey Wonder is using an alt to gather the membership list. I think there is an AR for alt abuse and I'm sure going to use it in this case. Amazing how a person, who claimed before to hate people with alts, uses them himself. Monkey Wonder ever the hypocrite.


  1. It amazes me that these so called griefer protection and anti-copy bot people. Tend to just ruin themselves by doing stuff like this.
    better to just leave the Greenzone group alone.
    He is lumping everyone in a group.
    Sure some people who own his device can be considered griefers.

  2. Well several of us have been basically calling for him to either name some names and/or provide some proof that somebody in the group is griefing him. It's a 1000+ member group it wouldn't be surprising if there was a griefer mixed in there somewhere but they aren't acting for the group. But so far there has been nothing from him about backing his accusations.

  3. You just have to cherish, that the maker of an anti-bot device uses a bot (scripted av which is member of the GZ group) to collect the list, that this maker of an anti-griefer device uses this list to spread grief, that GZ was against his alt-shaming gadgets, and still he uses alts himself en masse.

    Monkey Wonder is above his own rules, he is a hypocrite...

  4. Well,
    To be honest the GZ group does have real Griefers in the group.
    Hell we all can be considered Griefers or Trolls by people who don't like us. I was in the GZ group for a while during the JLU issue then to find out the people upset about the JLU issues were ok with letting other people do exactly what they were claiming the jlu was doing. And they sat and watched others do it and not say a word except it was because they were helping a friend out.
    If you are for Privacy you should not help out others in doing the same thing you are suppose to be against.
    What Monkey did posting that list is just as bad as any group allowing documenting or sharing alts or what have you.

  5. The only time I remember seeing that going on was on SLU when everybody was going after who ever it was that Joshua was into it with. When it started the only time I got involved was when Joshua was complaining about her using his real name and where she found out about it at. I pointed out that it had been made public on the forum on a few occasions and they pretty much just handwaved that off. After that I stopped following the threads on it completely.

    But standing by ignoring that WAS different. It started out in Second Life and then was brought out of there to other places by both parties. That and both sides were claiming to be involving the police and lawyers. So both sides were going out their way to get at each other so I (and several others) simply chose not to take sides.

    If it had been one side trying to invade the others privacy and the other fighting to stop them from doing so it would have been different. But both sides were dead set on digging into each others privacy as much as possible. Therefore neither deserved any sort of defense at all.

  6. As to there being actual griefers in the group. Yes that is true. But, as many have said, you can't keep them out of an open group until Linden Labs changes the way groups work and add a ban function into them. Also they never did any griefing in the name of Green Zone that I know of and if they made it public that they were I'm pretty sure several members of the group would tell them to please not to (not much else you can do there).