Friday, November 23, 2012

Conservative named Calypso Jones has a breakdown

Sometimes all I can do is laugh at the seething hate that drips out of conservatives.  They treat others like trash and then wonder why they lost an election.  Here is wonderful case in point that was pointed out to me recently.  Calypso Jones, a moderator at, decided to go on a little spout of hate.

One person stated this:  "And your party has the HATE part down pat, it's the party of hate, and people like you are proving it more and more. When you're willing to dissolve friendships over political differences, you're showing your true colors. It doesn't get any more partisan than that."

To which see responded: "these people are not friends.. They're ENEMIES. They voted for obama and his agenda of destroying the economy, class warfare, skewed justice and corruption in government and business, reduced security and sovereignty and an alliance with pure evil, the islamists. Thanks but no thanks. There are progressives and there are Americans."

He came back with: "I hope you don't mind that I quote you and put your statements on other forums as an example of really hateful downright crazy right wingers. It's hard to get more hateful than what you are towards political differences."

Then what she starts saying next goes into the completely hilarious spectrum of the conversation: "yes i do mind. You're gonna have to pay me for it. And if you do post it without my knowledge and i find out about it, I WILL complain to the site you put it on and get an attorney. Are you independently wealthy? well. doesn't matter really."


"hold it. YOU have USED my material WITHOUT my permission ALREADY?? I am going to be looking for my quotes in your posts and i know some of the places you post at. Trin knows some others."


"Do YOU NEED to write me A CHECK??"

Yeah the 'I'm gonna sue you' defense for people using what she said on a public forum and pointing it out to others.  Some people just don't know how the internet works at all.

Another wonderful quote from her: "he says what he pleases and he lies even better. He slanders. He cannot use my material without my permission."  Where she doesn't know what slander actually means evidently.

So after seeing this entire tirade mentioned a few places I figured I would go ahead and add in with the sharing.  Please get your lawyer because I always do enjoy a really good laugh.

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