Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Larry's Jeans

Every now and then I'll review a product, service or something along those lines. It's been quite a while since I've done that so I decided that it's high time that this blog saw another post like that. So without further delay let's talk about jeans. Larry's Jeans to be exact.

Here is the SLURL for their location.

I must say that these folks produce some of the best jeans that I've seen in Second Life. Seems to be a case of taking one concept and building your business around it as much as possible. Which of course allows you to get very good at that one thing instead of just okay at several things. With plenty of variety in styles to choose from along with multiple colors of each style you just can't go wrong shopping for you denim here.

It ranges from full good looking pairs to ripped, torn and dang near x-rated displaying versions to pick from. Along with some denim swimwear, shorts and a few odds and ends. Plenty to shop around on. Even I like the way they look on me, although I went with a properly covered up pair with a few tiny rips and worn places. But I did pick up their camouflage pack also which displays a bit more.

So please drop by their mainstore and take a look around. If you like the way jeans look then I'm sure you'll find a set to fit you. Oh and there are some mens versions also, didn't really look at those much so I can't comment on their quality.

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