Saturday, November 10, 2012

Old landmarks

Went inworld for a bit tonight just to trim up my over flowing landmarks folder. I've gathered quite the collection of them that's for sure. So starting off with some of the oldest I began taking a few fast tours. What I discovered was that I had quite a few that were to places that no longer existed. Shouldn't be surprised by this but I was.

So the trimming was made pretty easy at points. Teleport in and find myself standing next to a rental sign. Time to clip that one. Sometimes it led to new ones, the old place it went is gone but a new really nice looking store is in it's place. Other times it got a bit awkward, y'know when it's supposed to be a shoe store and you arrive and it's an interracial themed rape alley... that just happens to be busy at the exact time you arrive.

Also found a couple of stores that have been running 'going out of business everything 25L or less' sales for probably over a year now. Makes me wonder if they just abandoned the land but left everything there and the store is collecting money for... nobody.

So I managed to get through about forty landmarks. Got rid of over half of them easily. Now only a few hundred more to go....

Oh and all these places I visited. Still haven't ran into any place running that one system that is supposed to have me on their 'griefer' list. Imagine that.

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