Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh my hateful instant message... what shall I do?

Over on the Alphaville Herald I'll post every now and then. Especially in cases to aggravate somebody like GreenLanter Excelsior who deserves every bit. But I guess one of the JLU folks didn't like it to much and had to jump on one of their spy alts and message me some hate.

So zerosumorez resident decided to send me some hate. Which one of the JLU are you really? Or are you just somebody who thinks they are being especially witty? Anyway about all it accomplishes is giving me something to write about on here. Oh and it's not a 'brony' pic. It's a 'My Little Pony' pic (which my daughter really loves to watch) that I found amusing. At least I am capable of enough thought to actually fill out my profile. I'm sorry and pathetic? Yeah you logged into second life onto what is obviously and alt account because you don't have the actual intestinal fortitude to say that with your main avi. That is sorry and pathetic. All the rest, well lets just say I've heard better insults when I was in grade school.

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  1. heres some dirt for you