Sunday, February 12, 2012

Google never lets me down anymore.

Okay I couldn't help myself this morning. I logged in and checked to see what keywords in search engines had led people here... alt detections, sl alt detection, y'know the usual ones. Then I saw one that made me laugh a little bit.

"sl pussy business"

So I just had to do it. I pulled up google and typed in those words and well how do you like that. There was a link to my site near the bottom of the first page. Okay I can understand it somewhat as it links to a post that has those words in it, just not in that order.

But I noticed another link in the google search from 2006. An article with the title of 'The Best Little Whorehouses in Second Life".

Here it is

A nice little list of the best escort services in Second Life at that time according to the author. So now I have a little mission the next time I log in. I'm going to search out each one just to see how many on this list still actually exist inworld. Something tells me I'll be lucky if two are still there. Longevity of businesses in SL doesn't seem to favor anything lasting more than a couple years.

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