Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The PD is coming back...

Oh wonderful.... the *** Police Department *** ran by cdurd is back in action. They broke apart last time after we found absolute proof that they were harvesting IPs and avi names and storing them on a database used to determine alts. I wonder how soon before they are up to some form of this again. Be warned when dealing with these folks. They are another one of those groups that want to know who you are and the names of all your alts. The only thing he didn't like about RedZone was the fact that anybody could buy and use it. He never stated that he was against the actual alt detection at all. Plus they were also working with the JLU to hook their database into the Brainiac database so they could do alt scans also. This was stated by Kalel himself in the leaked chat logs of the JLU wiki.

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