Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bully way of doing bussiness

Well lets take a look at some really crappy business folks in Second Life. Lets take a look at Similar Footwear.

Recently they lost a competition to N-Core Designs over who was the best store in the 'Avi Choice Awards'. So they did what any reasonable store would do, they threatened to start stealing their designs. Oh wait that's not what a reasonable store would do. That's what a bully would do. Then started up and not only copied the design but also the name of the shoe.

Here is a link to the thread started over on the Second Life Universe forums.

Bad Competition

Started by the owner of N-Core and showing the threat she received and the proof of Similar going through with it. Later the owner of Similar shows up and tries to show proof that N-Core stole from them. Later those are shot down, one very easily since it is the basic stilleto shoe design that you can find everywhere, even in freebie boxes.

Also Similar seems to be using a 3D rendering program to get the pictures for their products. So what they are showing in the marketplace as their shoes is NOT how they will look in Second Life. Basically you will not get what you are looking at. At least N-Core uses actual pics from Second Life to sell their products.

So my advice would be this. Don't support the bully by not shopping at Similar Footwear. Instead take a trip to N-Core and browse their offerings.

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