Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm a good girl

Every now and then I need a post that shows there is a reason that I have the adult warning up for this blog. This is one of them.

The other night I finally got some extra free time to get online and spend with Mistress. My RL has been busy lately and I've also had to step back a bit from SL because I was getting obsessed with some things. So when I do get some prime spots of opportunity I use them.

It turned out that Mistress was in a rather frisky mood that night. Showing up in my latex Katt outfit that I reviewed a couple posts back probably just spurned it on a bit further. In very short order she had me stripped with my face between her legs fulfilling my submissive duty of servicing her. Now we did all of this in an adult area in local chat so anybody walking nearby was quite privy as to what was going on. So we had an occasional observer. Once she got herself off on my face she asked a nearby stranger to come over. She offered him the opportunity to use me to get himself off with.

Well this was the first time she has done this with me (but she has done it with my sisters) so I was a bit nervous. But I did not waiver. Soon I was face down on the ground and he had straddled me from behind and was giving me a rough work over. All the while talking with Mistress and observing me more as a useful tool to get off with than an actual person. Not to mention, for added humiliation, we had an occasional person wander up to watch for a bit.

Soon I was begging to cum and was allowed to after I held back for some moments. Then the stranger finished himself off in my mouth. After swallowing his rather large load of semen down I received the wonderful compliment of 'good girl' from Mistress. She was so proud of me!

My Mistress is wonderful and I don't think anything could ever drag me away from her. Below is a shot of the event with her standing right beside the stranger and I. Watching to make sure I did not disappoint him.

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  1. Smiles as I finish reading your blog. You certainly did make me proud girl! And you no doubt made the strangers night too. I love and cherish you sweetie, MY kitten.