Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kicking another Monkey Wonder claim to the curb

One of the many claims that Monkey Wonder loves to make is about people 'forcing' their way into his Voodoo Anti Bot group. He uses that word 'forced' like it actually has some meaning here where it does not. The Voodoo Anti Bot group is an open enrollment group (just like Green Zone) and anybody is able to join it at the simple press of a button. So all he is doing here is trying to make it look somebody is doing some underhanded trick to get into that group when they are not. Also, just like Green Zone, he has no control over who signs up or the ability to keep people out if they've been kicked out before. Just a simple look through some of the profiles of members and you can see a few that look like obvious bots themselves. So much for an anti bot group.

As I mentioned in a previous post one of the bots he called a 'green zone bot' was actually in his own voodoo anti bot group. Again, like I just said, so much for an anti bot group.


  1. Hey,
    I have been following the chat over on slu.
    I am always confused about when people who are screaming for defending privacy yet they go ahead and post in a public forum such as Unya Tigerfish about another users "possible" Private information.
    And all the people crying about privacy don't say a word about posting it. Why is that? Is it because the Monkey is the next target that the mob can freely attack with out defending his privacy as well?
    You can not argue for privacy rights and then turn and break those rights.
    I am not defending Monkey, I think what he did was stupid. Does he have a right to add all GZ users to his product as banned people, Sure he does just as GZ can add to its hud his product as a potential security issue.
    Both groups have griefers in it. GZ has many "overzealous" people in it as does the Voodoo groups.

    1. Actually Cathiee, That information as you probably heard is not private but public information made public by monkey himself..also outside of second life..
      The IP's connected to avatar names on his blog that still remain there however were not made public until Monkey made them public..Also outside of second life before his public information was put up in a post that was removed..

      He also claims to be a defender of privacy and took the first step to do this sort of thing..But people seem to think it's ok for him to post up unpublished information about people vs business addresses tied to websites..

      As far as his hud..There is no problem with saying Greenzone group member is close..But naming the member and then also calling them griefers is not the same thing as a product being in a hud..One is against the TOS and revealing personal information about a user not listed on their profile.. plus defaming them..

      His product had been doing this to regular users in public chat calling normal users bots back when he was added to the hud..If that's fixed that's great ..
      But now his anti-bot does this revealing personal information to a user from a database outside the grid then sends the information in world..And his database keeps getting updated..
      Sorry but what the difference is..That's what RZ was doing..

      It's not about alts..It's about users personal information being revealed..
      How is voodoo sploder with anti-bot being picked up by a GZ hud the same thing as revealing personal information about a user?
      Myself..I never targeted monkey..Not until he targeted me..
      the group was off his back until he decided to send out this threat to everyone that was off doing their own thing in SL..
      He was forgotten about..He chose to make us remember him..Not anyone else did that but him..

  2. I have not posted any private information about Monkey Wonder. I have seen it in other places and if that's the route they want to take then there isn't much I can do about it. I am not a moderator or admin in GreenZone so my influence on issues like this is pretty minimal.

    As for defending him. Well I don't defend those who throw out the attacks first. The original fight started almost a year ago with him during the RedZone fiasco. I've been on his ban list for some time as he added a lot of the GZ members to it back then. Most of us just shrugged and ignored him, although there was some fighting in the group chat with his followers who would join up just to cause trouble. However when he tossed out that notecard and accused us all of being griefers he sort of pushed it a bit to far. So I started pushing back.

    But I pushed back with the same respect that hopefully he can follow. I don't use RL information nor do I pass it around. The only time I did so was in the case of zFire when it came to light that he was already a convicted criminal who had ripped people off via the internet and then it was as a warning for others to stay away from him.

    As for GZ having griefers in it. Well I stated that already in one of my blog posts. But he still hasn't shown any actual proof as to which member or members is actually griefing him. Just some text which we've already seen him alter and leave stuff out of. That and what he considers griefing is pretty broad, disagreeing with him is something that he considers an attack.

    Yes he does have a right to add us, we have a right to get loud when he does so. Actions have consequences most people just fail to realize that.