Thursday, April 19, 2012

Watch the Monkey dance

Oh my, Monkey Wonder has put all of the GreenZone group member names up on his voodoo site. What ever shall we do? Oh... well... considering that not nearly as many people use his products as he claims (kinda like zFire with RedZone) I doubt there is much to worry about.

Here is the list of names on his site if you are interested.

He also claims that it will sound it's warning if it detects an object created by one of us 'griefers'. But then again that was part of his poorly thought out blackmail attempt to get us all to run away from the group. To bad for him several of us are content creators, only a small handful may actually be griefers and none of us bow down to a bully swinging his swollen epeen around.

So tonight I'll be emailing Linden Labs and asking if his notecard is okay and not an infringement on the TOS or a bannable offense. Because if it's okay, then I'll be passing around one of my own warning folks of his products, how he enters whoever he wants to just because he doesn't like them and of his poor track record on handling problems with his product (which is verified in his marketplace reviews).


  1. I agree with you, this stupid guy isn't any danger really. But what is enervating for me is the passivity of Linden Lab. Why a huge griefer like this one, that threaten hundreds of persons and does a public blacklist without any justification but his madness, hasn't been banned from SL yet?

  2. Well I'm not aggravated with the Lab just yet. It seems to take them quite a while before they take action against just about anything no matter how severe. Lord knows it took them long enough to do something against zFire during the whole RedZone debacle. Even the rulings they dropped down on the JLU took some time as well.