Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monkey Wonder knows little on facts

Okay here is Monkey Wonder's, the maker of voodoo products, latest twitter response to me.

JLU is a security business and doesn't stalk. Well in this case he is completely burying his head in the sand and ignoring any and all facts. They kept a massive wiki collecting people real life info, spent massive amounts of time scouring the web looking for anything and everything they could dig up even listening in on skype conversation and took notes on one persons child they could hear in the background. They continued to stalk a person over the internet long after they left Second Life and even called his family to make sure that he actually passed away. They called businesses and schools trying to get people expelled and fired. Their wiki was chock full of things like this. Complete with discussions on better ways to figure out a persons identity and figure out their alts. Friend or foe got listed in there.

So Monkey Wonder, YES they ARE stalkers. This is not even a question, it is a proven fact beyond any doubt at all. To claim otherwise is to simply admit you are either a liar or an idiot.

Green Zone stalks people all the time. Okay well then prove it. Come on there was tons of info pulled up on the JLU, you can find it on the SLUniverse forums and even some of it here on my blog. Not to mention at least one of the wiki dumps is floating around on pirate bay for download. Besides disagreeing with the way your system works and seeing how it can be exploited by somebody of lower morale's and then warning others about it what have we done? Let's see some actual proof. Wheel it on out here and lets take a look at it. I mean if it's on such a 'massive' scale then there must be tons of documentation to back it up right?

Or are you just a liar with a raging epeen hard on?

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