Saturday, April 28, 2012

Post on Monkeys new blog

Monkey Wonder, make of Voodoo products in Second Life, has decided to start up a new blog to further lie about GreenZone on. Here is a quick link to it:

Monkeys laughable second life griefers blog

In this he makes some new unheard of claims of attacks, things that nobody has mentioned before. He also uses some discussion with Unya Tigerfish that are taken out of context with many lines missing. She also told me that these were done in IM's and he never asked for permission to share them. He also goes on to name a couple of names and then provide absolutely ZERO proof to back anything up with. So of course I decided to comment in his little blog post.

That's when he decided to take a page from the JLU handbook. All comments are moderated before being posted up and since it's been twenty four hours since I submitted mine I guess he decided that it won't be shown. So basically attacking people without giving them a chance to chime up in their defense. Yep, typical epeen powered internet bully right there. Oh by the way here is a screenshot of my awaiting approval notice I got when posting:

Oh and what did I say to him you may ask? Well I of course copied that as well because I was pretty sure it wasn't going to be put up.

"Our servers have been DOS attacked, and when traced back originate from inworld objects created by individuals belonging to Green Zone Users group."

"Several bots known to belong to a Green Zone member attempted to brute force their way into Voodoo Anti Bot group to troll in group chat."

"Several bots known to belong to a Green Zone member attempted to brute force their way into Voodoo Anti Bot group to troll in group chat."

...and screenshots of this and proof are where?

You know the stuff that we have in spades on the JLU whom you proclaim to be innocent of any wrong doings.

"Personal and often crude insults are made on an almost hourly basis, lies are fabricated to create fear, and one member "Cyborg Renfold" is known to release real life addresses of their targets. This is a privacy advocacy group?"

At least part of this is an outright lie. The GZ chat goes silent for days on end. Hourly basis my rear end. Finally you name a name on here and lets see the proof of your claims on that as well.

"Individuals hand out defamatory notecards which have been hand crafted by the founder Fart Admiral in a "Fill in the blanks" style, so that anyone can defame products in a coherent and well thought out way."

We warn people of products and objects that could be used for alternative motives. This includes anything that collects and stores IP address connected to an avatar name in an offsite third party database. The HUD is used in the same way.

I also how you completely avoided talking about the many voodoo supporters (many of which were throw away alts a week old or less) who used to pop up in the chat and start tossing accusations out. But I guess it's okay when YOUR supporters invade a group.

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