Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two links for you.

Okay how about a few links about RedZone for anybody who happens to read this.  First up is no2redzone.


This one is very well done, some posts get very technical and are soaked in internet geekspeak that I don't have a prayer to understand.  While other posts are full or cutting wit and even more give you plenty of information and usually quite a bit of proof to back up what they are saying.

Next up is One Big Blond Moment.


This is normally a blog for Theia Magic.  But since RZ has come up she has been a pretty big driving force in getting people in the know and for uncovering various places running.  You should check out her RedZone free lists and give those shops/clubs/etc some traffic and maybe even some L$.  But ever better is the new blacklist.  This is a list of folks found hiding RZ so you can't pick up with the GZ hud.  At least one has completely denied using it until caught.  Oh yes, she likes to put up proof as well.

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