Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bye -hugs and kisses- to RedZone

zFire Xue and several of his alts... GONE.  His store... wiped clean.   RedZone units in world show up as not functioning.  Apparently the hammer has dropped.  A bit more on Theia's blog:


Looks like somebody learned that you don't poke the sleeping Lindens with a stick.  He got his hands, arms and face bit off.  Lots of stuff popping up over on the SLU forums also.

If anything new comes up I'll post it.  Hopefully I'll start doing updates once every three or four days on really unimportant stuff now.  Actually build a few more things and get around to getting closer to opening that store I talk about from time to time.

Mistress will be happy to see one of my obsessions gone.

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