Saturday, March 5, 2011


Goto google.  Type in zf redzone.  Then just look through a few pages of results.

I haven't done this for a few weeks now and decided to do so again today.  I was amazed.  So many sites, twitter feeds, SL newsources and blogs, most of which I had never heard of.  All of them very negative about RZ and the way it functions.  A lot of us felt the movement against it was somewhat small and a lot of folks were unaware of the problem... but now I'm not so sure.

English sites, spanish sites, some I'm not sure what language they were using.  All agreeing on one thing.  RedZone is bad and needs to be removed from SL.

All I can say is keep it going. Keep telling people and informing them of what it does.  Also what it doesn't, like y'know, stop copybotters.

I will admit there are some nice security ideas in there but with everything else wrapped up in there they aren't worth it.

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