Monday, February 28, 2011

My RedZone rant

The boohoo's are getting loud over at the RZ forums.

They are attacking Phoenix and some are wanting to be able to ban viewers from their sims.  Considering the amount of residents using Phoenix I say let them do it... and watch their visitor totals drop into oblivion.

Basically they are mad that people are using the media hole against them.  The same IPs they were screaming earlier were public information they are now screaming their IPs shouldn't be.  They are angry that we are outing people who swore up and down they would never use RZ but have it hidden right there below the landing point.  Brunder continues to prove his approach on the GZ Users group was a ruse claiming to be attacked by GZ people several times now, in one post he said he was griefed when had his RZ turned off for several days (even though just two days before that he said in the user group he had it running).

So Bunder, crackerjack, Rok, Cole "can't wait to go bust up some alts" Cybertar and all the rest of the lot.  Go hang onto your buddy z and believe him when he tells you everything is going to be alright.  Go ahead, you have believed every other bit of nonsense that has came out of his mouth.

You have even pissed off the phoenix developer who was on your side.  Just couldn't handle the fact that he said maybe there are some problems with the way RZ works and it is pissing off normal everyday nongriefer noncopybotting nonstalking residents.  You know, residents like me.

Everyone should know by now what a lot (and more everyday) of residents think of RedZone.  Hiding it will only make them angrier and more vocal.  Trying to skirt around the TOS by every little bit you can will only make them angrier and more vocal.  Trying to force consent will out right piss them off.

So the whole pile of you over there can take a flying leap.  We have sim owners, content creators, community people and many more on our side.  And, again, that number is growing every day.

At least now we are getting the option to listen to streaming media again WITHOUT your harvesting of our information.  So please BAN us all and go sit at your empty sims all by yourselves.

Okay that being said, I feel better now.

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