Friday, March 18, 2011


Have you ever felt like you no longer fit in someplaces that you used to?  This has been happening to me in SL lately.  For a while now I haven't been going around much and been staying either in my sandbox or with my Mistress a lot.  But every now and then I'll get out and go see some of the places I used to spend a lot of time at.

But it really isn't the same anymore.  Same people, same place any changes are minor but I go there and ... well I just don't belong.  Maybe I have changed more than I thought since putting on the collar.  Today I went to an old hangout it was in a new location but pretty much the same building and several of the same old people.  Didn't fit anymore. 

Sometimes change is good and other times it's bad.  Othertimes you're just not sure which it is.

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