Saturday, March 5, 2011

zFire wants to show part of your alt names again...or is at least talking about it.

Well zFire is talking about showing parts of Alt names again.  I guess he didn't realize that it probably helped shoot him in the foot the last time.  Talk about trying to fudge your way around the TOS some more and get smacked back some more.

"If anything this Phoenix thing is helping encourage people to use media, and setting a standard where RZ might follow by begining to list alts by ***ing out the last few letters of alt names.
For example user
arnold schwarzenegger
Might be able to be listed WITHOUT consent as "arn*** sch***********" under the same logic that allows Phoenix to show a censored version of URLs. This would be great, right?
The only issue is first Phoenix must do this, so that I can go to LL and say "well then it is only fair for me to say "arn*** sch***********", but the question is, must I block out half of a word? May I show the number of characters in a word? Or must it be ""arn*** sch****"
Or how about "ar**ld schw*****egger"?
That last one is really BS, but that is for LL to decide, right? Would "a****d s****r" be more secure? Blocking the number of characters, and 90% of the word?
How about Unnamed Alts, but showing the birthday of each unnamed alt? Profile pictures? (Blurred?), payment info?
You see this is all new territory for everyone."

So yeah he likes to slime around it as much as possible.

Now then Bunder shows his lack of understanding also in the same thread.

"Sri I like you and Phoenix.. I still think the patch is wrong, and that it wasnt a very neutral thing to put in. You cant sell one side guns and give the other side a smile saying "We are neutral""

No it doesn't take sides.  It helps plug the media hole that is being used by systems other than RZ as well.  Also it's most likely going to be getting used by a lot of systems in the works also now that people can start to see how it's done.  Not to mention the same guy you are responding to has even stated that this was something they were talking about back when Emerald was still around.

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