Friday, March 4, 2011

A few more questions about RZ have come to mind.

"llSensor() scans still detect your avatar, log your visit location, name, age, payment status, prefered language, UUID, etc."

That's from the RZ FAQ.  Now I have a question about that.  Who views my location visits?  Is it only for the owner of the RZ unit that scans me in his areaa?  Or is it shared with other users?  Basically if it's telling all other users where I've been, how often I go there and etc this become, yet another, stalker dream tool.

Also when a RZ user scans me with their HUD does it record all this as well REGARDLESS of wether or not I'm on their sim?  What bussiness is it of theirs to keep track of me when I'm not on their sim?

Also I want to know what that little 'etc' also entails.  It really shouldn't be to hard to list what ALL it records now should it.  Unless there is something it's recording he doesn't want you to know....

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