Friday, March 4, 2011

One other thought...

Okay I have to post again.  Now there is someone on the RZ forums claiming to own 60 sims.  But do they name a single one?  NOPE.  Later when I get inworld I'll look up the name she signed up with on the RZ forums and see if there is an avi name with that and see if they are some big huge land renter or something.

Another suprising thing, how few people on RZ forums ever give out their SL names....  But a lot of us GZers do.

Again I will say it.  There are a lot of people on those forums lying about what they own, not all mind you, but a lot.  Guess that's one way of making themselves look big.


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  2. -deleted my first comment as I embarassed myself with a couple glaring typoes-

    On the first part, I looked up her name inworld. Stacy Baily does not exist. Imagine that.

    So now I guess anybody nameless can claim they own all sorts of stuff and it counts as support FOR rz?