Friday, March 11, 2011

My notes on the video

So now zFire and his blind followers are now making some accusations that the video is fake and there was some hacking done to do so.

Okay, here's the big giant problem with that theory, IF the person could hack YouTube then why haven't they hacked zFires site and database.  I mean really, if there is some hacker that is good enough to hack a site that spends a good chunk of money on security (anonymous couldn't hack it even, all they've done is guess passwords) just to change a creation date then his server would be nothing to get into.  There a little logic (and I do mean a little) completely blows his theory out the door.

Not to mention the other videos that were up there.  Also that you were watching that account with your two other accounts.  Don't forget the voice matching up and the face looking just like you.  Yeah lets just forget all that.

Now I just feel sorry for some of your followers.  I used to really dislike them, not there is just pity.  How sombody can be so blind to the truth that is right in front of them that they will latch onto anything to keep believing otherwise. 

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