Monday, March 14, 2011

Back to some more RZ thoughts...

Some more news on the RZ front.  Well it seems now that the creator of RZ, zFire Xue, is actually an ex-con.  Guilty of several different things that really make him one not to be trusted.  More info at:

A few more thoughts somebody brought up on the SLU forums.  His system is set up to figure out peoples alts and his site is set up to harvest peoples passwords.  Now most folks probably use the same password for all their alts.  So it appears he was working the both together for the biggest bang, get one and you probably get them all.

Now on his old .com site he used to have a 'buy' subsection where he sold linden dollars.  So mix that with the paragraph above and you can figure out where he was going to get (or got) all the L$'s from.  If he was smart he could even get them without attracting much notice, a hundred here a hundred there, all sent to his 'delivery' alt.  Kind of how they do it in WoW with gold sellers.

Hopefully the only reason LL is silent right now is because there is legal actions going on. 

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