Friday, March 25, 2011

New product and....oh wait I forgot....


Just worked and got four halos ready for my store.  Well two actually just with and without light versions in the same box.  Did the quick little picture add for it, got the boxes made up, dropped them in my magic boxes, hopped out of world and got ready to get them up on my marketplace.

When I realized I forgot to set the perms.

So now (well actually later I have other rl stuff to get done) I have to go back inworld.  Delete the two boxes in my magic boxes, then delete the halo's from the inside of their delivery boxes, set the perms on the halo's and put them back in the delivery boxes, put those back in the magic boxes... and then finally get them up on my store.

So this post was supposed to be a listing for my new products... instead it's me saying they will be up a bit later if not tomorrow.  Anyways here's the 'with light' versions.  Black and white, spinning with spikes.

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