Saturday, March 5, 2011

More fun comments from the RZ folks

From Fuzen (wonder what HIS sl name is and what sim he runs, probably doesn't even run one) over on the RZ forums:

"...the sims listed in that privacy breaching list compiled by the BDSM institute."

Now the RZers are complainin that their privacy is being breached.  So once again they can rip right through your privacy but by god you better not mess with thiers.  This goes hand in hand with their arguement about 'IPs are public anybody can get them' and the griping when theirs are shown.

Not to mention in the same post he is telling people to ues a copybot viewer and get themselves tagged as copybotters.  A grid wide opt out would be to nice.  They just want that copybot stopped number to go up.

All they think about is themselves proof positive.

Then Bunder (one of the very few RZers who uses his SL name and lists his sim so at least he is the more honest of the bunch) stated this in a thread about people wanting to be banned from rz sims and how he doesn't want to do it.

"I just want to have fun and make my place somewhere everyone can have fun at."

No he doesn't.  Or he would understand there is a large group of folks who DON'T want to be scanned into an offsite database controlled by somebody who has lied to his own customer on his site for the product.  So he doesn't want a place where everyone can have fun at, he wants to HIDE his RZ, much less put up a sign so that new people to the sim can at least make a choice about it.

Nope he simply claims he wants a place where everyone can have fun at.  Nope he's just like the rest and thinks of himself but just likes to add in some more lines to make it look otherwise.

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