Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A few more thoughts for the night.

Okay I've noticed something.  Out of all these people on the RZ forums who claim to be upstanding sim owners with bussinesses and all sorts of content very few of them use their SL name.  Nor do they ever say what sim, club, shop, etc is theirs.  So basically it makes me wonder... how many of them are simply lying through their teeth in an attempt to look 'better' than everyone else. 

I mean so far the only person that I've noticed that is very public about his sim is the owner of Dark Alley.  Then he's also proved himself to be pretty much two faced.  The rest of the hate filled screamers I give even less credit to.

I've seen more GZ folks come out and say what they own or create.  I've seen public announcements by shops that they are getting rid of RZ on their property.  All I've seen from RZ is people scurring away claiming they don't have it and then getting hostile when you say they do.  I've seen a few big shops and a couple of sims with RZ, but I've been on many more that don't.

I bet their numbers are a lot lower than they boast.  I would be really suprised if they break out of the one thousand range, well at least with owners of RZ that actually 'own' something to protect with it.  Not all the people who bought it just to 'go out and bust up some alts' as Cole Cybertar would say.

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