Saturday, August 13, 2011

Premium User extras

Okay at the annual SL convention (I can't remember the name for it) Rodvik Linden (CEO of LL for those who do not know) gave a good speech and answered some questions.  Now I haven't seen footage of the speech but have only read some keynotes on it.  One thing he was going to do is make more benefits for premium users.

Being a premium user I liked this bit.

Now what he didn't say is what the new benefits would be.  So I have a few ideas, one I posted on Rodvik's profile feed and he liked it and forwarded it on to his team.  Another of them I just posted up a bit ago but have gotten no  response, but seeing how he is at a convention I can't blame him.

- On our new profiles the Lindens have a little icon and really old users have one as well.  Why not give premium users one also.  This is the one he seemed to really like.

- Create a Linden ran sandbox that is premium users only.  Considering that most sandbox griefers are the freebie throw away made today accounts this would give us some nice peace to work in.  This is the one I posted a bit ago.

- Give us a choice of Residential or Retail land.  Basically cut an unused section of each continent into a little Linden mall and give us space in it.  Not sure how this would go over, I would ditch my home in a few minutes to get a little store space without having to depend on some moody landlord who may not be there tomorrow.

- Knock the premium user monthly cost off the monthly tier cost of owned lands.

- More Linden $ but I don't see that happening... but a girl can wish.

- Give us a lot more room to type stuff in on our profiles.  Double the character count would be really nice.

- All sorts of profile bonuses.  Two profile pics, profile skins, etc.

That's about all I can think of right now.  Maybe I'll just send him this link instead of posting it all on his feed.

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