Wednesday, August 24, 2011

People to beware

Okay with JLU proving themselves to be even lower than I could have imagined I've decided to get my blog back into more usage.  Like I did with for RedZone, I'm going to do for JLU.  So expect a lot of posts, sometimes multiple posts in one day

First lets start up with the list of known JLU members.  If there are any mistakes or misspellings let me know and I'll correct them.  I would suggest adding all of these to your banned lists but be warned they do like to go around bans using alts and in some cases throwing AR parties on the landowner.  I would like to thank Tux for this list.

Baht McMahon
Bobkoe Nirvana
Brainiac Hax
Caladon Rae
Carigorp Matzerath
Cdurd770 Halfpint
Dash Curry
Dawg Shatzkin
Dezdemona Xenno
Elaine Fairport
Elie Braveheart
Emiley Tomsen
Eugenia Burton
Fenix Harbinger
Gawyn Philbin
Glitch Braess
Heidi Stiglitz
Hewee Zetkin
Jeadeen Niles
Jetta Bentham
Kaemilla Sutter
Kalel Venkman
Kara Timtam
KaraZorL Resident
Kohaku Owatatsumie
MartianManhunter Resident
Maverick Grunfeld
Melanippe Karas
Ookamisuke Babenco
Phillip Beeswing
Piper Craven
Razor Indigo
Rodimal Axon
Sam Brautigan
Samantha Lowell
Searra Weatherwax
Siobhan McCallen
Tensai Hilra
Tsu Goodliffe
Vagabond Carter
Walden Mannonan

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