Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what Phantom Zone does

[07:37]  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: (xxxxxx.xxxxx): Phantom Zone page:
 A prism detects an avatar and transmits the avatar name and UUID to the base station. The base station uses the UUID to gather more information about the avatar itself. The base station, functioning as a HTTP-in server, first calculates a unique hash code based on the avatar’s detected properties and a pass phrase known only to the base station, generated at random. The base station then forces the avatar to access its URL, appending the hash code to the URL so that it comes back as a parameter. That allows the base station to collect other information about the avatar that cannot be obtained by LSL alone, including the IP address being used. As one of the ingredients in the production of the hash code would be time, the hash code is guaranteed to be unique from one detection to the next, making it impossible to predict (or synthesize).
 The base station then relays all the information gathered about the avatar and relays it to the Phantom Zone server, but only if the correct hash cod

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