Friday, August 26, 2011

Database leak and some Linden news.

Big leak time from TheList.  This time it's the 5000+ database of people who are listed as either friend, member, personage, JLU or griefer.

This is a huge list so hit ctrl+f to search the page for your name.

Now one interesting thing is the sheer amount of Lindens listed. Most are listed under the Linden title, however some are listed as Friend.  Kaylee Linden is listed as Friend. Trinity is also, Plexus of course, Michael and Michaelfrancis, Hermia, Lexia, Frontier, spike, socrates, Jose, Torley, Teeple, Lucy, George, Nicole...

I think this may be a hint at how they get things done, why posts on the LL official forums are being deleted and why some of our ARs are being ignored.

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