Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where not to go since the JLU are there.

More from the SLU posters

The Justice League Unlimited (JLU)
Official Patrol Routes

This is a list of sims for regular JLU patrols. This list is in three sections - Linden Land, Private Land, and JLU Office. For a listing of "Off Limit" regions, refer to the BWiki.

Linden Lands
Help Areas
*Help Island Public
*Help Island Public 2
*Orientation Island Public

*Sandbox Island
*Sandbox Island Extension
*Sandbox Cordova
*Sandbox Goguen
*Sandbox Newcomb
*Sandbox Wanderton
*Sandbox - Weapons Testing

Vehicle Sandboxes:

Welcome Areas

*Mahulu (Note: ran by NCI)
*Ross (Note: ran by Prokofy Neva)

International Areas

Private Lands
Private Sandboxes/Business/Community Estates
*Dublin 2
*Dublin 3
*Dreamland - (Mature Sandbox)
*Center of Gravity (A'den Station)

Special Interest Regions
*ROF Coalition Island
*ROF Coalition 2
*Four Bridges Project
*Four Bridges North

Roleplay Regions
*Fluger (Bespin Spaceport, wear OOC tag)
*Bespin (Bespin Spaceport, wear OOC tag)

Steeltopia Empire
*Obsidian Sea
*Obsidian Bay
*Steeltopia Anchorage
*Steeltopia Seacliff

*Antiquity Port Salute
*Antiquity Malta
*Antiquity San Andres
*Antiquity Port Safi
*Antiquity MarieGalante
*Antiquity Oceania
*Antiquity Eden
*Antiquity Meadows
*Antiquity Dominica
*Antiquity Laconia
*Antiquity Keys
*Antiquity Texas
*Antiquity Township
*Antiquity Westminster
*Antiquity HalfMoon Bay
*Antiquity Charon Abyss
*Antiquity Lagoon
*Antiquity Shores
*Antiquity MontegoBay
*Antiquity Britannica
*Antiquity Finlanda
*Antiquity Oasis
*Antiquity Tejas
*Antiquity Sea of Cortez
*Antiquity Dunkerque
*Antiquity Tortuga
*Antiquity Harbor
*Antiquity Cove
*Antiquity jamaica
*Antiquity Port Royal
*Antiquity Gardens
*Antiquity Arboretum
*Antiquity Aruba

JLU Offices
Antiquity Texas

About the Justice League Unlimited:
The Justice League Unlimited (JLU) in Second Life (SL) is a public service organization who pattern their avatars after classic comic book heroes. While JLU members may model their avatars after these fictional personas, the JLU is not a super-hero role-playing group. The mission of the JLU is to provide mentoring and render aid to SL residents in need, primarily new residents, in such areas as building, scripting and security. The JLU often acts as a neighborhood watch organization. We also hold seminars and conventions on public safety, and help estate managers learn effective techniques for keeping their own lands safe.

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