Sunday, July 31, 2011

The new SL Thingy....

SL has got a bit of a social network being built into their online profiles.  Complete with a feed (kind of like the wall in facebook) the ability to alter your profile while not being inworld, interests that recommend people you may like and some other various goodies.

Here is the login page.

Of course some people are really hating this and screaming it invades their privacy.  They do this even though there are privacy controls built into it so you can set it to where nearly everything can only be visible to people inworld or to nobody at all.  The only things that show up regardless are their name (which they have to have to find the profile in the first place), born on date and whether or not they have payment info on file.  Things you couldn't get rid of inworld anyways.

I'm using mine to full effect.  Got all but one option cranked up to 'everybody' on the privacy setting just to see how it turns out.  My main use of it will most likely be to keep in contact with My Mistress and my sister since I can't get inworld that much anymore.  If anybody wants to drop by it and say hello please do so.

Here is my profile thingy.

Oh also according to Rodvik Linden they haven't named the whole thing yet and it's still very much in the beta/testing/changing stage.  So my name for it is simply the 'Thingy' until they come up with one for it. 

In a post maybe tomorrow or the next day I'm thinking of coming up with a list of changes/additions/tweaks that I would like to see with it.  Maybe even post a link to my list up on Rodviks feed.  Which, by the way, several Lindens have been very active on the Thingy.  Even had one post a reply to one of my comments on my feed.

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