Sunday, January 17, 2016

Storytime 2 - Trouble

Mistress came home earlier than we thought from her business trip. A full day earlier. Sis and I were snuggled into bed with each other when the bedroom door flung open and the lights came on. Less than two minutes later we were downstairs in the living room for full visual inspection. Which meant we standing facing each other, legs spread apart, hands behind our heads completely naked. Our hair looked like we had slept standing on our heads.

“Ah there are my two lovely girls, surprised to see me home early?” Mistress had one of those soothing voices when she wanted.

“Yes Mistress, surprised in the most pleasant of ways.” I blurted out quickly. Sis nodded her head with my statement. Though we made sure we kept our eyes locked on each other.

“Mmmhmm... I see.” Mistress walked up behind me and slowly slid her hand down my back, between my asscheeks and then up between them cupping my sweet mound from behind. My body trembled a bit at her touch and my breath got sharp. “Now do you remember the rules I laid down before I left?”

“We are only allowed to have sex with those who are part of our family. We must keep the house completely in order at all times. Pots must service me every night over the webcam so you can watch.” Sis quickly streamed out as I was biting my lip hoping that what we had done had not been found out. I bit my lower lip as I felt Mistress rub a finger along my slit now.

“Very good my love. Now I see the house is immaculate as I expected. You and your sister were absolutely wonderful on the camera, so hot that I showed many of the men at the conference. They have sat up some appointments with you two over the next few months by the way. As for the other...” She paused, even her fingers paused, I think my heart stopped and Sis had that look of fear in her eyes. “You fucking little whores decided to sell yourselves on the side for some extra cash like some kind of gutter sluts.”

“Mistress, my wife, my love, I can explain...” Sis had her words cut short by Mistress shoving me aside and then slapping her across the face. I quickly resumed my position although now I was trembling as I stood there. Tears welled up in the eyes of my Sis as her cheek got a rosy red tint.

“Explain? What you accidentally took some money from some men and then accidentally fell onto their dicks? You are my property, I own you both, only I can sell you out for your services. But you two ungrateful bitches decide that my rules aren't worth following. I took you in and trained you to be good obedient subs, but you evidently would rather be run of mill common fucktoys that can be found on any street corner.” Her voice was angry I was whimpering now and couldn't control myself. I felt tears streaming down my face already. Sis had gone white as a sheet and I wasn't sure if she was even breathing.

Mistress paused, pushed a few strands out of her face and back over her ears. Calmly walking over to the cabinet she got a bottle of wine and the corkscrew. Sis and I stared at each other, still in our inspection pose, it took everything I had not to break down crying in the floor right then. Every second seemed to take an eternity. Finally she walked back between us, a single glass of dark red wine in her hand and a very determined look on her face.

“You even let them take pictures. Which I have seen. You know much this has upset me... don't answer either of you.”, taking a long drink from her glass and savoring the flavor for a moment. “Well Potosi I surely hope you enjoyed my fingers on your little passed around pussy earlier. Because you won't be feeling anybody touching you there for at least a month. Chastity belts for the both of you, I've already bought them. You'll be asking me for the key every time you need to take a shit and I'll watch you take that shit just to make sure your fingers don't stray.”

Sis's eyes opened wide at this idea. I lost control at that point and crumpled to the floor a sobbing heap. A thump in front of me caught my attention as the belt was on the floor. “Put in on now bitch. Afterwards be the bedroom I want to feel your tongue between my toes for a good long while as my whore wife eats my pussy. Then you can move to my ass.”

Turning on her heel she walked out of the room while drinking down the rest of her glass, tossing it to the floor and grabbing the bottle on her way. Sis leaned down to me and put her hand against my cheek caressing it gently. “I'm so sorry Potosi. We really fucked up this time.”

“Aww... how touching. Now hurry up whores your tongues need to be against me very quickly unless you want it to be more than a month before you are allowed to cum again.”

I quickly get to my feet with sis half lifting me up. Panic setting it fast as we grab the belts and pull them on. They are larger than any she had made us wear before and a polished chrome look to them. Slits in the front so we could pee without taking them off although we wouldn't be able to wipe clean. Pulling them up on ourselves we closed the locks for each other, the snaps feeling like a prison sentence. Immediately my little quim screamed for my touch and I started crying again.

We ran down the hallway as fast as we could with the uncomfortable devices on. Mistress was lying on the bed, her top was still on but her pants and boots were gone. She was spread eagle holding her panties aside with one hand while holding the wine bottle in the other. One leg raised in the air waiting for my mouth. Sis nearly dove across the room landing between her legs, face going straight to Mistress's pussy. I was right behind her my hands grabbing that raised leg and running my tongue along the sole of the foot in one long lick and then sliding it between those toes I had memorized long ago.

“Mmm... yes. Taking away your ability to pleasure yourselves brought out a whole new level of obedience and eagerness. For the next month only I will get serviced, neither of you shall get any respect and you will only live to satisfy me completely.” She let out a soft moan and pulled sis's head in harder against her cunny and pushed her toes into my mouth wiggling them around.

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