Thursday, June 9, 2016

Erotic Roleplay lesson one Introductions

Erotic roleplay lesson one, how to introduce yourself to a new potential partner.  Or basically how not to come across as a complete fool.


You see that?  THAT DOES NOT CUT IT.  So please just stop that completely.  First impressions usually come across in that first line of text you send somebody.  They way they look is sort of secondary because anybody can spend a large amount of cash to get a dynamite avatar.  You need to show there is some sort of intelligence on the other side of it.

Also you need to show that you have some imagination as well.  Being a little bit creative in that introductory line shows that maybe you can be a little creative in the emotes as well.  Nobody really wants to get stuck with somebody who can do nothing but jump around on poseballs and say "I stick my dick in".

Also forget the shortcuts (type out 'you' instead of 'u'), use some capital letters and punctuation (even if you get it a little wrong at least you are trying) and try to sharp up your grammar skills.

Here are a few simple examples to show you what I mean.

"Making sure I catch your eye as I look you up and down while flashing a sly grin."

"Walking up slowly with a smile 'So can I buy a beautiful young woman like yourself a drink?'"

"Raising and eyebrow and and giving a half smile as I sit next to you at the bar."

Simple easy and gets the ball rolling with a little bit of roleplay straight from the start.  Now mind you where you are could send signals as to what type of introduction line you are wanting or should send.  If you are hanging out in a full on adult sim that is basically a big sex parlor than things may be a bit different and much more direct.

"While staring at your hot little body you notice me adjust my jeans to accommodate a growing bulge."

"Walking up biting my lower lip and staring over your chest and abs 'Oh you are just acres and acres of meat aren't you? Can't wait to see what you have covered up.'"

"Noticing your eyes on me I slide my fingers down the back of my thong adjusting it slightly along the crack of my ass.  Then giving my hips a little kick out to the side to show my rear end a bit better."

Making something so forward may not be everyone's cup of tea.  But if all you're looking for is a bit of fun without any strings than being direct is your best choice for fastest results.  If the roleplay is hot and fun then maybe something could be established afterwards for future interactions.  But getting that foot in the door is important, making sure that shoe doesn't get chopped off is the goal.

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