Saturday, June 4, 2016

Addicts Support Group

Another story inspired by the SpunkLovers Cum Addiction System.


I sat nervous in my seat fidgeting a little. I was in the row of chairs against the wall and looking to the right were empty chairs of those who have stood up already. To my left were chairs with other women just like me waiting their turn. Most of them looked nervous as well. Looking back forward I could see the other woman leaving the little microphone stand and it was my turn.

Standing up I walked sheepishly to the little shiny stand and leaned forward to the mike my voice shaky and weak. “Hello my name is Potosi... and I'm an addict.”

“Hello Potosi,” the voices sounded off from the room.

Smiling a bit at the welcome I continued with the lines we all had to say, “I am a worthless slut who is addicted to cum. My only purpose is to satisfy men so they will give me the cum that I desire. May their beautiful cocks ever be erect and their seed always flowing. Now I beg of you to fill my mouth.”

There is a bit of applause from the other side of the room. I slowly walk over to that side. To my left are men leaned back in their chairs between each of their legs is a woman, like me, sucking their cock. Some are slowly servicing, others are gagging as the man forces them roughly up and down while others choking themselves down. To my right were men waiting in their chairs, bulges in their pants waiting for us to suck them off.

The one waiting for me next in line smiled and pulled his dick out of his sweat pants. It was long and thick and he just smiled at me. No words were said as I knelt down and took it into my mouth. His hands reached up onto my head and pushed me down on it hard. I was going to be one of the ones gagging and choking as the next woman, just like me, took her place at the microphone and introduced herself.

All I could think about was getting my fix.

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