Sunday, March 6, 2016

Please no

“Ten? Ten guys? Please Mistress tell her no! I beg of you please don't make me do this!” I was on my knees my arms were wrapped around my Mistresses hips. Her hand patted my head and I whimpered a little close to the verge of tears.

“Gina... you are my wife and I love you dearly. But I think this is a bit much for your sister.” The voice and words were soothing and my head nodded quickly up and down as I continued to hold on tightly. “Besides I've never seen her this adamant about not wanting to do something in a long time.”

I couldn't tell if Gina was frowning or just thinking. “Well the film needs a final gangbang scene for it to be really complete. I mean she is quite a natural when comes to getting handled and used.”

“Yes she is a natural at it... but do I need to make the gentle reminder that so are you?” Sis cast her eyes downward a bit at this statement. “Potosi is a wonderful little playtoy... but she is MY wonderful little playtoy. I just let you use her at my discretion. In this case I am saying she is not to be used in this way. I'm sure we can find some other little slut that we can pay... or trick into getting herself as the target for your final scene.”

I buried my face into Mistress, “Oh thank you thank you thank you.” I purred loudly as I felt her hand rub my alongside one of my ears making it twitch.

“Understood my wife. I shall go and start looking for a suitable replacement for the scene.” Sis did a little semi-bow as a sign for permission to leave. Mistress took a step forward and ran a finger through sis's collar and pulled her in for a kiss.

“Mmmm... I'm glad you understand. Any other misgivings over this can be paid back tonight with your head between my legs my dear for it will be there for quite sometime I think.” Sis grinned with a nod of her head then turned and left. Then Mistress turned to me smiling widely and then walked in a circle around me a few times. “On your feet girl.”

Quickly I stood up and faced towards her only to have two fingers pressed against my collar pushed me back up against a wall. She was still smiling but her expressions were much more sterner. Slowly those two fingers slid down my chest, between my breasts and along my belly. Finally slipping down into the bottoms of my bathing suit. I let out a gasp and shuddered as they slid straight between my moist lips and up into me. There was no playfulness, no teasing, just straight in all the way to her palm.

“My dear Potosi. Who owns the pussy my fingers are in right now?” Her voice was malicious as she leaned in very close to me.

“You own it Mistress. My -ah- pussy is your property.” I stumbled my words out as she scissored them inside of me in mid sentence.

“That's right. You always were very understanding of the ownership I have over every part of you. However I don't think you have been very earnest with some of your lessons.” She slipper her fingers out of me which caused me to shiver a bit more. Then she rubbed them across my lips as she kept speaking. “Lessons girl. I've got on lesson to teach you over the next seven days. Now take off that swimsuit and follow me.”

I slipped my bottoms off and left them on the floor as she begin walking immediately, my top was tossed off by the time we reached the bedroom door. With a flick of the wrist she motioned for me to lay on the bed while she begin pulling the straps out from underneath it. Within in a minute I was restrained at the wrist and ankles, my legs spread open wide for her to do whatever she wished with me. She grinned down at me with a hint of evil in her eyes as she retrieved a large wand vibrator wand from the dresser.

“First thing you need to know about your training tonight, you will be punished for cumming without permission, you will be punished for it. Second is that you do not have permission to cum at all so don't even bother asking me for it. Third is, well, third is that you will be cumming a lot tonight.” With that last word I heard the humming as the vibrator clicked on. She crawled up in bed beside me, I must have looked extremely worried. “Oh dear you look scared. Good. I'm going to enjoy whipping that ass of yours every time you squirt like a little slut all over my best bedsheets. You are going to learn to control your orgasms much better. I'm giving you a week full of lessons for that.”

My eyes rolled back in my head as I felt the vibrator press up against my mound. Within moments I was already twisting around like crazy in the restraints as the one person who knew every inch of me went to work. I was already about to cum so bad as I gasped for breath.

“So close already? Well by the end of the night I guess both your pussy and ass will be nice and red.” Her laugh filled the room as I arched my back up and screamed trying to fight off something that I couldn't stop from happening inside of me.

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