Friday, July 1, 2011

small changes and wandering....

I've done a few small changes to my avi here in the last few weeks.  Mainly just making it shorter.  I used to be the same hieght as Mistress, which didn't seem to fit.  Especially with some of the dancing poseballs, She would get on the blue one and I would take the pink.  Some dances just didn't seem to match up right.  Along with a lot of cuddling poses also where they are sat up for a larger male and smaller female to be together.  So I dropped myself down a little and it looks better.

Last night I did something unusual.  Usually when I get online I send a message to Mistress even if she is on or not.  Sometimes when she is off she gets an email notification through her phone and log in.  But last night I didn't.  My mood was a bit off and I didn't really want to talk to anybody.  I just wanted to be left alone and to wander around a little.  Something that I did a lot of in the first few months of playing SL.

I wanted that bit of isolation back last night.  I felt bad for not IMing Mistress, but at the same time I needed that alone time inworld.  Really hope she understands, I'm sure she will.

A lot of landmarks are pretty much useless though.  A lot of stores are gone or moved, went to look at an dress shop that I liked and found a gorean village in it's place, thankfully empty at the time

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