Friday, July 29, 2011

Fools in chat

 Sometimes I can't help but to be a -gasp- smart ass in chat.  Especially with guys who just open up with this level of discussion.  Names have been omitted... unless someone wants to see them, then I may post up this up unedited.

clueless male 1: any nasty anal sluts here
clueless male 1: IM me for fun
other female: lolziesz ^^'
clueless male 2: or me
clueless male 2: lol ;-)
Potosi Abonwood: Maybe you two guys could get together adn find out things about yourselves that you didn't know about.
other female: HAHAHA!!!!!
clueless male 1: no anal sluts? wth
Potosi Abonwood: Sure let me get my strap on and I'll take care of your ass. It's shaped like a horse dick, is that okay?

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