Sunday, December 13, 2015

Storytime 1


 “Perfect my girl, just perfect. Hold that pose for a bit let me get a few pictures.” Mistress's voice was soothing and comforting. She sounded as if giving instructions for a good child to stand just right for a family photo. Only I was buck naked in the middle of the floor on my knees leaning over using my hands to hold my ass cheeks apart. This is while she was taking close up pictures of my rear on her phone. “Lift your pinkies just a bit more hold your cheeks apart more. That will give a better view of your little butthole dear. Which, of course, is what most of those who will be seeing these are interested in.”

“Yes Mistress.” I answered back in my calm voice. Arching my back a bit more as well so I could grip my cheeks apart even more. “If I may ask, who are these pictures for?”

“Well me mostly pet. Oh and I'll be putting you up for rent on a few private lists as well. I've got my eyes on some new jewelry and a little extra money to get them with would be nice. That's good, now stand up and lets snuggle a bit on the couch hmmmm.” I nodded a bit and stood up. My stomach turned little at the thought of being back on the market again but hoped it would only be for a little while this time.

Mistress sat down and motioned me to lay beside her. Curling up closely to her she wrapped an arm around me and pulled me in tight. Resting the side of her head on the top of mine. I purred as she wrapped me in her warmth and love. The thumping noise upstairs started again, along with the muffled cry of a woman with each thud. “Well my darling they certainly are giving it to your sister hard tonight aren't they? Well I guess that will teach her a lesson for getting snarky with me in front of others at the club. Those men were more than willing to volunteer for a piece of her rear, they even invited a few others along.”

She then slid her arm from around me and lifted her hips up a bit. Undoing her belt and then kicking her jeans down and around her ankles before kicking them off to the floor. Then undoing her top and pulling it back and off. Her large breasts waving in front me, nipples already erect. I was smiling without even being aware which caught her eye and she paused with a sly grin and looked back at me. “Mmm... naked Mistress. Am I being rewarded for being a good girl tonight?”

“You are.” She said with a soft voice. Her panties were white cotton with the words “Subs only” printed across the front. Sliding a hand down behind them, feeling her wetness she raised an eyebrow a bit. Pulling her fingers up in front of me, showing the wet tips and then tracing them over my lips. My body trembles with delight, the taste, the smell. I was a kitten ready for her milk. Panties sliding down easily she gently pulled my head down between her legs, “There my dear, service your Mistress. Make me cum while I listen to your sister, my wife, get fucked over and over again above us.”

I slid my tongue slowly up along her already soaking wet slit. Her soft moan sent a tingle down my spine. With soft kisses between her legs I started my slow, deliberate task of eating my Mistress's pussy. She made gentle soft noises of love that contrasted so beautifully with the sounds of relentless hardcore fucking from above. The “Oh yes my dear right there, so good” against the “Fuck the bitch harder I want to hear her scream around my dick” sounding off.

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