Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A few updates on various things.

First off I am so happy that Curio is back in Second Life.  I prefer her skins to anybody else's for some reason, just like the way they look.  Had been wanting to get a more 'normal' colored skin instead of all my pale ones for some time but I waited for Curio to return.  So now my skin tone is a much more healthy shade which also makes more since now that I live on a beach front.

In other news the JLU seems to be pretty much a fading memory of their past 'glory'.  Had a report today that the Phantom Zone system has been inactive for quite some time.  Basically when they lost their sim the whole thing went down as well.  Now they have their meetings in public, consisting on some patting on the back to each other for... well doing nothing really.  Kalel Venkman talks about himself for a bit... which is nothing out of the ordinary.  GreenLantern Excelsior then complains about non-americans coming to america... which again isn't anything out of the ordinary.  So it appears that their days in the sun are over and they are quickly falling into obscurity.

To this date I have still only ran into Voodoo running at one place on the grid.  Which considering how much I drift around and explore is pretty telling of how few actually have it running.  I wasn't banned or ejected from the place either even though I'm on their evil scary griefer list.

That's all I have to say for now.  Nothing really important at all.  Well except for my new skin.  Because that's about me and of course I am important.

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