Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mystical Rentals, be careful dealing with them.

It's been a while. So why not start up with a warning about some bad practices by another land baron? Okay sounds good to me.

Over on SLUniverse somebody has put up a warning about a rental that ejected her, removed her from the group and returned all her stuff while there was still over twelve hours to go on her rental time. So Mystical Rentals evidently hates it when you decide to leave them. Even after talking with one of their staff named Sandro Halasy they were completely uncooperative and were to dense to understand the complaint. That or they just didn't care (which is more of what I am thinking).

So be warned of Mystical Rentals, if you leave gather up all your belongings before telling them, or the rental box, that you are. Otherwise you get ejected with a big pile of jumbled object shoved into your lost and found folder. Oh and below is the link to the conversation about this on SLUniverse.

Warnings about Mystical Rentals

If anybody from Mystical Rentals wishes this post to be taken down.... well it's not going to happen. Please move along, be nicer to people and have a good day.


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    1. You explained the issue perfectly, much appreciated, ty so much. I hope people will make a much better rental choice than the one I did

  2. Indeed.. Wayyyyyy not good practice there. Be careful of them out there. Mystical Rentals is basically taking over much of the continent where I am in SL. The region of Obayifo is the latest that Mystical Rentals has acquired, and the region used to be owned by a really good friend of mine.