Monday, September 2, 2013

Sparrow Industries... it's been a while.

Sparrow Industries in Second Life.  It had been a while since I've heard of that company.  Heck I had to actually go through some notes to find out where I had heard the name before.

They used to be in the alt detection device business.  Back when GreenZone was really fired up and headbutting RedZone in an all out fight there were several companies that were discovered doing this.  All using the same media exploit as RedZone.  Now to Sparrow Industries credit they pulled the alt detection drones off the market rather quickly.  Both from the marketplace and from their inworld store.  They also did this before Linden Labs dropped the hammer... which means that the already purchased drones would still theoretically work.  There was never any mention from them about getting rid of any database they may have built up.

Since then the media exploit has a pretty good plug in it.  You have to okay any streams through or attempting to connect to it.

Now I've ran into their services again but in a different fashion.  This time it was through a DJ's stream.  Sadly like a fool I hit okay for the one time even though the name sat off something in the back of my head.  Because a DJ's stream can feed is basically using the exploit after you approve of letting it do so.  Essentially you could be handing all the information right to a database by your own approval.

Now whether or not they are actually compiling a database from this is unknown.  However seeing as how they used to be in the alt detection business I would sure be cautious of letting them have potential access to all the data that can be scraped via the exploit.

Remember they do make things that allow land owners to spy on people visiting their lands with features like this: "With “RADAR” you will be able to see who is in 96 meters range of your bot, also with NOTIFICATION you will get information of arrival and Departure and with CHAT LISTENER you will know what people are saying, and even if you are offline you will get that on your mail. ". So just because you and another person are the only ones there doesn't mean anything. Also: "Track your friends easily and visualy. Track your enemies when they are online. Track a hot chick that you meet in a club and never accept your friendship ;)." so they are basically telling you outright they sell STALKING tools.

Forewarned is forearmed but ultimately it is up to you.  Are they simply cashing in by providing legitimate streaming services for DJ's... or are they using that service to continue to build and maintain an alt detection database.

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