Sunday, February 27, 2011

An introduction.

I am Potosi Abonwood.

First and foremost I am the willing property of Mistress Cully Ventris, she takes care of me, guides me, teaches me and corrects me.  My devotion to her is absolute, I wear her collar with pride and is the sole target of my undying love.  Don't try to talk me into leaving her, it will not work, don't tempt me with offers of a better life, it will not work, don't bother to ask me into your bed, it isn't going to happen.

My friends come second behind her.  Those I trust I will stand beside through heartache and celebrations.  They accept my status as a submissive to my Mistress and understand when I am with her.

I enjoy wandering the grid, going to clubs and listening to music... well until the RedZone griefers/stalkers/harrassers decided to ruin everything for everyone except their own little self centered selves.  I am a full supporter of GreenZone and freely inform anyone who will listen.  I will not consent to my privacy, or any others, being violated.  There will be a list of various sites supporting the cause.

Recently I've also started dabbling in building quite a bit.  Have a couple folks with a lot of experience behind them giving me a few tips or helping me when I get stuck on something.  Hopefully I will have some pictures of some of my builds up here soon.

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