Sunday, April 23, 2017

Punishment continues

 “You silly little twit. Did you really think I was going to let you play with yourself today?” Mistress had a bit of malice in her voice as she walked around me. She had me beg her to remove my chastity belt so that I may masturbate and had me doing that for twenty minutes straight. Considering I've been in that belt for a month now and haven't came that entire time I was full on crying for to let me out of it for playtime. But she just wanted to see me crumble like I did.

For the last thirty days the only time it came off was to clean myself or to defecate. Both times she would watch me intently making sure my fingers didn't stray and that there was no chance of me playing with myself. It was a punishment for my misdeeds.

Hooking a finger through my collar ring she pulled me towards the loveseat and sat me down beside her. Cuddling me gently as I leaned against her she pulled out her phone and showed me the pictures once again. Me sucking a cock, me licking a mans asshole, my asshole being filled by one guy as I sucked off another and then the video they made of themselves cumming on my face. My eyes and mouth wide as I grinned when their spunk splattered over me. How I played with it and slurped what I could down as the rest dripped. “Oh look, you fucking two guys while I was out of town. Remember? When you were given explicit orders not to do so.”

“Yes Mistress, I was very wrong in disobeying you.” I muttered out softly.

“You were paid for this as well. Selling yourself out like a gutter whore. Was it worth it?”

“No Mistress, it was not worth it at all.”

“Now don't get me wrong, you are a whore, but you are MY whore. I am the one who arranges who gets to fuck you, whose cum you swallow, who gets to stretch your asshole open. I really don't see why this is so hard for you to grasp.”

“I was stupid Mistress. Only thinking of myself and not of you or your wishes.” I was crying again. We have almost this same conversation every night. Every night I end up sobbing.

“Oh don't worry dear. Eventually I'll let you out. Anyways tell me about your day, how many guys did you suck off down at the gloryhole?”

“Sixteen Mistress.”

“Oh my very busy indeed. Sixteen loads of cum in that little belly.” She rubbed her hand over my stomach and patted it. Then she slid her hand down to my crotch and tapped my belt, “Bet you wish those were down in here though don't you?”

I nod and try not to cry anymore.

She picked my leash up off the back of the couch and hooked it to my collar. Then motioned for me to stand and led me through the house to the bathroom. Pointing for me to kneel at a certain point in the floor she sighed a bit. “I've had to much to tea so you need to drink my piss dear. Take off my panties.”

Sliding my hands up along her legs I reached up under her skirt and tugged on the thin string of her panties. It was her turn to bite her lip as she watched me. As those panties slide down she pulled her skirt up higher exposing her smooth slick pussy. Then with a push of her hand on the back of my head my face pressed up against it with my mouth wide open. She adjusted her position a bit and then relaxed and that flood of hot liquid streamed forth. I swallowed down as much as I could, choking on it some but it was still to much. With a chuckle she moved her hips up and and finished pissing over my face, forehead and into my hair leaving me a piss dripping mess.

 Standing back a bit and admiring her handiwork she wiped and tossed it on the floor in front of me. “Clean the floor and yourself up and be in my bedroom as quickly as possible. I still get to cum all I want and your tongue is going to bring me several tonight. You've been obedient for a month now, keep it up and I may think of actually letting you have a single orgasm sometime this week.... maybe.”

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