Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Punishment continues 2

 I wasn't feeling very well as Mistress led me back into the door when we got back from the bar. She had me drinking mug full after mug full of piss from random men at the bar. Inviting them over to our table and they would whip their dicks out and fill it up. Then I was to drink it down as fast as I could. Must have drank down five or six mug fulls before she finally stopped.

“Poor dear isn't feeling good,” Mistress purred into my ear from behind as she rubbed her hand over the back edge of my chastity belt. “I think she needs to get up stairs and into the shower and wait for me there.”

“Yes Mistress.” I nodded and went upstairs. Stripping out of my clothes, happy to get that shirt off of me that stank like piss from when I would choke a bit. Kneeling down in the middle of our large shower and waiting for her, it would feel so good to get clean.

“Oh and now I can have some real fun making you suffer.” Her voice sent a tingle down my spine, it wasn't her kind tone at all. Slowly I looked up at her. She was standing there stripped naked as well wearing only a strap on only the dildo part was different. It was long, really long and had a ball at the head of it. “Now lean way back little slut, mouth open for me.”

She walked around as I was leaning back and moved in close to my face. Rubbing the ball end over my lips she moaned as I stared at her pussy and ass from this position. Then suddenly she pushed it into my mouth and straight into my throat. I squirmed out of reflex as I felt that huge ball choke and gag me hard but the size kept anything from coming out. Holding it there for what felt like forever and then suddenly she pulled out fast.

It was more than my body could handle, not even my gag reflex training could hold up to that. Soon as it left my throat I spewed vomit. Running down over my face into my hair and covering me as I fell backwards choking and gasping for air. My entire face covered in piss rich puke in an instant.

Mistress was laughing so hard she had to lean against a wall to keep herself standing up. “Oh you should see yourself, and oh god can you smell the urine, there is so much of it!”

I cried and sobbed as I laid back on the floor in it. Feeling completely disgusted by being covered in this filth. Then she leaned over me, still smiling and spoke only one word, “Again.”

With a whimper I pushed myself back up and leaned back. Begging her to please not do it anymore. My words were cut short by the ball going back down my throat. While my body tensed and jerked as I struggled with my reflex going into over drive she reached down and grabbed my hair on both sides with her hands. Then she pulled out and my vomit sprayed again but just as soon she drove it back in choking me down. Without any warning she was throat fucking me with the ball while I was in a constant stage of puking. Making it spray everywhere and my body to jerk and convulse unlike it ever had.

Finally she backed away and let me fall to he floor, another heave and a glob plopped out and over my face as I laid there. She caught her breath as did I. Wiping a bit away from my eyes I looked up and saw she was covered from the waste down, with some even up on her belly and thick drips hanging from the ball.

“Again.” I openly bawled but I moved and soon I was being throat fucked while puking again. Over and over again until nothing came up any longer and all I could do was dry heave. That is when she finally stopped. I was wrecked, my body sore, my throat burning and my sides and belly ached worse than ever. “My little whore you look like hell you know that. Let's clean ourselves up now.”

She reached over and turned on the shower, the water spraying down on me as I struggled to move. I glanced over and saw my Sis in her chastity belt standing at the door with a horrified look on her face. “Oh my God... that was so nasty... I can't even....”

“Oh don't worry dear. Tomorrow night it's your turn. I plan on making you unfaithful sluts really sorry for what you have done over these next two weeks.”

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