Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bad week with a better ending.

This last week was bad.  Well mostly bad.  Lots of overtime at my RL job, add in to me getting the flu in the middle of it and basically losing the overtime pay since I ended up not getting over 40 hours in the end.  My time in SL cut way down by this (except for when I was in bed with the flu), and this cut out time with Mistress... a lot.

So finally last night we got to spend some wonderful time together, just Mistress and I.  My IMs blocked, no interruptions and time on our hands... and other things -smiles-.  With my time change already done and her changing this weekend we will be even further apart and our time limited more.  So it was wonderful to have a few moments together.

Other news, I've started messing around with the clothing templates and making my own stuff.  I'll post some of my test, trials, attempts and failures on this front here soon, if I remember.

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